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Our Little Coop’s December Click-a-Day Challenge

I love me a photo challenge.  And I love me some Our Little Coop.  So when I saw they were orchestrating this December Click-a-Day Challenge, I thought: YUP.  Sign me up, people.

December Click-a-Day Photo Challenge from Our Little Coop

It’s super simple: just take a photo a day interpreting that day’s theme, and then post to your favorite social media using the hastag #clickadaychallenge.  I’m going to post all my images for the month here in this blog post, so check back in to see my results!  Join me!

The Day 1 challenge is RED, and here’s my photo:

Day 1 Our Little Coop's December Click-a-Day Challenge

A quick moment before holiday crafting officially destroys my entire house!

Day 2: Gratitude

Day 2 December Click-a-Day Challenge

Day 3: Words

Day 3 December Click a Day Challenge by Our Little Coop

Okay, so it’s only one word…

Day 4: Cold

Day 4 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

How you really know it’s Christmas at our house.

Day 5: Comfort

Day 5 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

Embarrassingly spoiled.

Day 6: ‘Tis the Season

Day 6 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

White poinsettias, neon Chuck Taylors. Very festive.

Day 7: Tradition

Day 7 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

The Christmas Pickle.

Day 8: Looking Up

Day 8 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

Our newly-adopted puppy, Phoebe, as shown-off by our nephew. So much cute in such a little photo.

Day 9: Light

Day 9 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Prepare yourselves for endless puppy pics.  I apologize for nothing.

Day 10: Black and White

Day 10 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Nixie needs some attention. I just love how she always looks like mischief is a-brewing. Saucy little minx.

Day 11: Below

Day 11 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

How to puppy-proof a tree. And, also, the star is supposed to be crooked. I swear.

Day 12: Wish

Day 12 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

A little Christmas pixie dust.

Day 13: Reflect

Day 13 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Bobbin’ for worms.

Day 15: Through the Window

December Click-A-Day Challenge Day 15 from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Or…through the screen door. Since it is 82 degrees out today.

Day 18: Close Up

Day 18 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Thanks for the fun, Our Little Coop!

The Farmhouse Hummingbird

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

This post is a little different for me….so if you’d rather not hear me rambling like a buffoon about a hummingbird, I warn you to turn away–turn away quickly!!

Let the pointless gushing commence.

All right–there is a longish back story to this, so bear with me here.

A good portion of my day is spent (hard at work, I swear) at my computer.  Command central is a little nook carved out of one end of my kitchen.  My desk is pushed up against a large window, so as I work, I am looking out said window into a thicket of shrubbery (which is great, because if those green things weren’t there, I’d be staring into my neighbors’ bedroom window, which, I think we can all agree, is rather awkward).

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

My workspace, for better or for worse.

To my immediate right is a set of double french doors that lead out onto our deck and to my immediate left is the open kitchen-dining-great room–and all the way down at the front of that great room, on this same wall is another french door leading out onto our driveway.

I am in the habit of leaving the driveway door open quite a bit for the dogs to come in and out as they please (though this has become a problem recently, as the chickens have also discovered and entitled themselves to this privilege).  Many times, I also leave the door next to me open, as well, to get a nice cross-breeze action, but if it’s a little too chilly, I keep that one closed.  One morning last spring, I was doing just this:  working at my computer, with the door to the deck closed, and the one to the driveway open.  All of a sudden, I hear the tell-tale hummingbird air-strumming, and look up in time to see that a little hummingbird has zipped through the driveway door, streaked through the kitchen, and just as I realize what is about to happen–PLINK!–it runs into the closed deck door.  But fortunately the little hummybird was unharmed and buzzing at the windowpanes of the french door like an angry bumblebee, trying desperately to get outside.  So, carefully, I reached over and opened the door–problem solved, right?  Nope.   The little frantic thing just kept buzzing at the backside of the door and couldn’t figure out to fly around it.  Finally, it perched on one of the dividers, and sat there, exhausted, it’s little chest heaving.

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

Of course, in my panic to help the bird, I didn’t stop to take a photo. But this was where the tiny one was stuck, perched on one of the window dividers.

Tentatively, I reached towards the bird, and when it didn’t fly away, I very carefully scooped it into the palm of my hand and stepped out onto the deck–pausing for a moment to marvel at the fact that I was actually holding a hummingbird in the palm of my hand.  I opened my hand, and the bird sat for a moment, blinking at me.  We had a little moment, the hummingbird and I.  I was able to look her over very carefully–see her gorgeous colors winking in the sun.  Wish I could have gotten photos!  And then, in an instant, she was zipping away into the garden.  I say ‘she’, because I certainly hit the research after this interaction.  It seems to me that she is either a Rufous or an Allen’s Hummingbird, either a juvenile or a female, by her coloring.  But I’m going with ‘she’, because that’s just what I’m going with.

Immediately (starting later that very same day), I began to notice that every time I was in the yard, there was a certain hummingbird (because we always have quite a few around here) that would come and hover close to my head–which is something that had never happened to me before in the garden.  When I could get a good glimpse, yes, I was certain it was the very same little hummingbird (although in my research, this type of behavior is sometimes exhibited by territorial males when a person is in their ‘space’).  But, nonetheless, this little bird was very fascinated with me, whatever the reason may be.  I wish I could describe better the experience of being inspected by a hummingbird: there you are, minding your business, and suddenly it is like a pressure change in your ear that you kind of notice, but don’t notice, and then all at once, you’re hearing the hum of the wings, and feeling the movement of the air, and then you look up, and there is this beautiful little creature, right in front of your face.  Amazing.  Not once has this, or any of these birds territorially attacked me, and yet, here is this little one, coming in for a closer look.

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

Fast forward to the present.  I work at my computer every morning, and then periodically throughout the day.  Starting at six am, every single morning, I look up and I see this:

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

This photo makes it look farther away–in reality, the bird is about 3 feet from where I sit.

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

I know it’s probably not, but I swear this is the same bird.  She flits in and sits on this exact branch every few minutes.  She watches me as I move around, but does not startle.  She preens and fluffs and stretches her wings and rests, and it is the cutest dang thing in the whole world.

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

Further research has revealed that this behavior (returning to the same covered, resting spot) is indicative of a female bird, as well.  The males tend to rest on a branch or a power line out in the open (which I see around here all the time) while the females tend to pick a covered, protected resting spot.  I’m hoping that if it is, indeed, a she, that she builds her nest here where I can see it.  That would make my whole year.

I realize that I have romanticized this situation a wee bit–I’m sure that all of these incidences are not actually the same bird.  I get it.  But I like to secretly think it is.

I would love to hear from anyone who has a bit of hummingbird knowledge!  Meanwhile, I’ll just be here, at my computer, smiling at my little recurring office visitor like a loon.

The Farmhouse Hummingbird from Farmhouse38

Oh, Tree.

Vintage-Inspired Tree

The tree is finally decorated!

Abbie and the Tree

It wouldn’t be a Farmhouse photo session if Abbie didn’t show up in a few shots.

Vintage Tree

The photo-bomber in all her Christmas glory.

The photo-bomber in all her Christmas glory.

Vintage Ornaments

Twinkly and bright.


It was brief, but amazing!  We could see it from the back deck.  The chickens were not impressed.

Garage to Studio, Phase II

In true Labor Day style, we got back to business on the garage this weekend.  Phase II (of four phases) is focused around the west wall of the garage, which began as a modge-podge of poorly-fitted corrugated sheet metal tacked up around an off-centered, non-functioning, 100-year-old window.  Don’t get me wrong–I actually loved that window (and was devastated when, a week after closing escrow, the guys we hired to clear the jungle that was our yard shattered the bottom pane out), but for my new studio’s sake, we needed more windows, and the current one wasn’t going to cut it (especially with the chicken wire we put over the bottom of it to ‘replace’ the missing glass).

First things, first….that window had to come out:

Jonathon strategizes.

Fingers crossed that the top portion of glass survives removal!

Huzzah! The window survives….and joins my ever-growing pile of re-usable s-crap.

With the window gone, it was time to get at that metal siding.

A lovely view.

We were sad to see this panel go….Racing bike-MEOW, indeed. I know it will shock everyone, but we did not write this.

Whilst Jonathon swung away with a mallet at those panels (and disturbed the peace for miles around), I was busy helping like this:

Oh, look! Pretty flowers!

And look at these pretty flowers!

So many pretty flowers….

Chance was helping, too.

After getting yelled at for my lack of focus (Chance didn’t get yelled at), I was assigned to a very important task: rusty nail collection.  As they popped out like bullets, I had to duck and cover, then scrounge for them in the bushes.  I’m important, you know.

My growing collection of rusty nails.

Finally, after A LOT of noise (there is nothing quite as beautiful as the siren song of a mallet on metal to win the good graces of our neighbors), the west wall was a nice little breezeway….

Anyone else feel a little uncertain about the integrity of this structure? Just me? Allrighty, then.

Afternoon shadows on the garage floor.

Abbie inspects the missing wall.

The next step was, of course, to reinforce the existing studs, and frame out for the new windows.  Unfortunately, once again, this is where I leave off in order to not give away the end result.  I’m all about suspense.

Oh, look! Pretty flowers!

Egg Count

Look at my cute little egg-helper!  My friends’ adorable son, Lane, was quite taken with the egg harvest….so far, we’ve got eight, all from Millie….but, big news–both Gertie and Eloise started doing the ‘egg squat’ this week, so we should be getting more any day now!

THIS Dog….

Well, this time, this photo of this dog got selected for Sunset Magazine’s Pet of the Week post on Facebook.  For once, the only trouble she got into was being too darned cute.

See it on Facebook here:

Impromptu Nephew(s) Photo Shoot

The wee nephew finally arrived home from the hospital this weekend, and, of course, Jonathon, myself, and my camera went for a quick visit.

Had to share my favorite shots!

And, of course, the not-so-wee nephew was there to keep the bad guys in line:

It’s a Nephew!

Welcome to the world, Garron Jaimes!  All 9lbs, 12oz of you, you sweet little beefcake!  I cannot wait to hold you (with the proper support).

Happy August 16th, everyone!

What’s it Gonna Be?

Enough about chicken eggs….my sister-in-law has finally gone into labor!  We will finally, finally, finally find out what she’s been brewing all this time.  Will Presston get a little brother, or a little sister?  Cheers to either, and to finally knowing!

Good luck, Lindsey (and Ryan), we love you and are so excited!


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