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The New and *Slightly* Improved Farmhouse38.comIf you’ve been following along with us by email, I think we may have lost you in the migration. The site is now officially located at (like a proper, grown-up blog). So please come over for a visit and if you enjoyed receiving my posts in your inbox (I knew I liked you), there’s a ‘Sign Up!’ subscription box on the upper righthand of the new site so that you can do the exact same thing with the new blog. I don’t want to be clingy, but…have you missed me? I’ve missed you.

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Administrative Things

Just do one thing.

It’s been a little lackluster around here, right? Right. Sorry about that. Truly. I’ve been holed up, migrating and re-designing Farmhouse38 (getting rid of that darned, dangling It. Has. Been. A. Beast. And every new post that I put out has to then be painstakingly migrated–so to put it mildly, I’ve been reluctant to do a lot of blogging. The whole process has taken up all the extra room in my brain (of which there was alarmingly little to start) and I am beside myself to nearly have it done.

The good news is that I am about to relaunch–any day now. So please bear with me–there may be a few hiccups, but it is all for the greater cause: a whole new with a new look and focus.

See ya on the other side…I’ll bring cocktails.

Crap. Now I gotta migrate this post.

Happy St. Paddy’s!

StPaddys2015wmIt’s not easy being green.

Book Review and Giveaway: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens

You guys. I am so excited to finally get my hands on this book (and clearly from the photo above, I wasn’t the only one)! The wonderful Melissa Caughey of has just released her very first book: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her! It’s a perfect addition to my chicken-keeping library. Furthermore, I get to give a copy away to one of you lucky readers as part of Melissa’s blog book tour (details on entering the giveaway at the end of this post)! And there are so many chances to win–the blog tour stops at different blogs for the next few weeks, so check in with the schedule at to find out where you can enter every day!

Fortunately for me, my copy arrived just in time for a weekend sleepover with the nephews, and they were more than happy to help me review it.

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens brought to you by

The nephews spend a little quality time reading A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens with the poultry.

This is such a fun book for kids! Not only filled with lots of fabulous information and photos on the ins and outs of raising chickens, it’s also full of the most adorable, colorful illustrations that really kept the nephews (and chickens) thoroughly entertained.

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from


A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

The audience is smitten.

What’s more, the book is peppered with kid-friendly science experiments, clever craft projects, yummy egg recipes, and real-life kids-keeping-chickens stories. There’s even a tear-out wall poster!

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

Gertie calls dibs on the poster.

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

My six-year-old nephew knew right away that he wanted to try out some crafts, so he invited over our neighbor buddies and they got to work making treasure boxes out of egg cartons. (As seen on pg. 116)

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

Bedazzling egg cartons is serious business.

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

I may or may not have succumbed to the siren song of rhinestones.

If you’ve got kids and chickens in your life, or know someone who does, you need this book!!!


Leave a comment on this blog post between today, March 11, 2015 and 11:59 pm, Saturday, March 14, 2015 telling me who you know (chickens or non-chickens) that would love a copy of this book, and my nephew will help me select one winner from the comments at random. Contest open to U.S. residents only.

Be sure to check in daily with to see what great blogs are stops on the tour (and for more opportunities to win this fabulous book)! And don’t forget that A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens is now available through Amazon and other major retailers.

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

WHAT?! Chickens take baths in the dirt? But how do they get clean if they are just getting dirty? Six-year-old mind blown.

A Valentine for Succulent Lovers

A Valentine for Succulent Lovers from love cheesy Valentine’s Day heart-shaped candy boxes. I really, really do. It’s not even about the candy (I swear. No, that is not chocolate on my face. It’s probably chicken poop, can we continue?). I just love the, shall we call it: Hallmark-Chic, of it all. Haters gonna hate.

So clearly, I adore upcycling these things (see Valentine’s Candy Box Roses). And, since I have a whole slew of propagated succulent babies waiting to be transplanted, here goes nothing!

Using an upcycled heart-shaped candy box for a Valentine's Day craft, from

I especially love this box from Whitman’s–it’s tin, with a plastic candy tray, which makes it perfect for using as a decorative succulent planter!

Once you are done demolishing the candy, remove the plastic candy tray from the box. Poke a couple of small holes in the bottom of each little candy well (do this if you plan to leave the succulents planted in there for awhile–if you are just doing this for presentation and a quick replant, then don’t bother), place a real thin layer of aquarium gravel or some other fine gravel in the bottom of each candy well, and then fill each well with cactus/succulent potting mix.

Turning a Valentine's heart-shaped candy box into a succulent planter, from

Meanwhile, take your tin box and paint it however you like. I started with a good coat of white spray primer, let it dry, and then painted the top mint green. I wanted the bottom to be sparkly gold, so I then did a coat of gold spray paint. After this dried, I sprayed a thick layer of gold-sparkle spray paint and then immediately coated in gold glitter. When that had dried, I knocked off the loose glitter and coated the whole thing in another coat of glitter spray paint to ‘seal’ it. If you don’t have glitter spray paint, you can use ModgePodge or Elmer’s to adhere the gold glitter, and once it has dried, seal it with a spray paint clear coat.

Upcycling a Valentine's Day heart-shaped candy box into a succulent planter from

To finish the lid of the box, I wanted to do a tailored, traditional bow and ribbon, kind of like what you might find on just this sort of box of candy (this is important because you gotta put something fancy on there to cover the “Whitman’s” embossed label. Sorry Whitman’s, it’s been real). I started by cutting a length of coral grosgrain ribbon to fit diagonally across the lid, and then hot-glued it into place. I did the same with an overlay of sparkly gold ribbon.

Upcycling a Valentine's heart-shaped candy box into a succulent planter by


Now, make your bow and adhere it. (Since I forgot to photograph this, please refer to this sloppily drawn instructional cartoon).

How to make a tuxedo bow from

Upcycling a Valentine's Day heart-shaped candy box into a succulent planter from Farmhouse38.comSucculent planting time!

If you don’t have itty bitty propagated succulent bits laying around like I do, hopefully you can find some tiny potted succulents to buy somewhere. Or maybe you have mature succulents that you can take cuttings from (here is a great how-to on propagating succulents).

Propagating succulents and upcycling a Valentine's heart-shaped candy box into a succulent planter from Farmhouse38.comNow carefully plant your little baby plants in the individual candy wells. If you want to be able to place the lid on the box, you must be mindful of the finished height of the planted succulents. Succulents don’t like being squashed.

Upcycled Valentine's Day heart-shaped candy box turned succulent planter from

Upcycling a Valentine's Day heart-shaped candy box into a succulent planter by

I heart succulents. Upcycling a Valentine's Day heart-shaped candy box into a succulent planter by


I heart succulents. Can you tell?




Valentine’s Day Craftiness Round-Up

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, guys! So it just feels right to do a little rodeo round-up of my previous Valentine’s Day projects–put them all in one easy spot for your viewing pleasure:

Cupid's Arrow Heart Wreath from

I have a thing for heart-tipped arrows. You’ll see. Learn how to make this wreath here.

DIY painted rocks from

A couple of rocks, a little paint, a little glitter…adorable porch decor (or bookends, or door stops). See how to make these and more painted rocks here.

Valentine's Candy Box Roses from

I’m all about the flowers. Here’s a fun spin on the traditional red rose bouquet, using an up-cycled heart-shaped candy box. For the full tutorial, click here.

Cupid's Arrow Garland from

To go along with the Cupid’s Arrow Wreath, how about a pretty little garland? Here‘s the tutorial.

Primitive Egg Wreath DIY from

This was an Easter project, but because it’s got a little red heart on it, it makes the Valentine’s Day cut. I do what I want. See the tutorial here.

DIY Coffee Filter Peonies from

Everlasting peonies! Oh, these are so fun to make! And if you really super-saturate those colors, they look darned near real. Learn how here.

DIY Primitive Heart Wreath by

I adore the simplicity of primitive wreaths. How’s about one for V-day? Here you go.

DIY cupid's arrow doormat from

I love, love, love making my own doormats. They could not be easier. Well, they could be easier, but for the sake of this post, let’s just not split hairs. See the full tutorial here.

Sour Cherry Margaritas from

And just in case craft hour happens to coincide with cocktail hour…a Valentinesy margarita recipe to get your creative process going. I’m just looking out for you guys.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy New Year from

My poor dogs.

But…yanno…Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from

If looks could kill…


Happy New Year from

Puppy loves.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2015!


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