A Handful of Garden

Allrighty.  I adore this arrangement.  It has everything that I love about garden arrangements: it’s simple, it’s bright, and it’s a beautiful mess.

Start with garden roses.  There’s about eight or nine in here.  I tried to pull roses from one side of the color wheel because I wanted them to be vaguely monochromatic (so I wound up with some peach, some orange, some coral).  The nice thing about garden roses is that they are so broad-blossomed that when you group them, they just kind of nestle happily together and form a gentle, mounded shape.  Inside the vase, their stems form an amazing infrastructure that keeps the arrangement from slipping and losing its shape.  A happy little side-effect, indeed.

The roses are the main focus of this arrangement (as well as most of my arrangements), but I can’t not tuck a little bit of accent in there.  Here, I’ve used about a dozen sprigs of blue salvia, and about three small sprigs of green viburnum and viburnum leaves.  I always like a little asymmetry with the accents; if that salvia was evenly dispersed through the whole arrangement, it would wind up looking like I was trying (and failing!) to make a pattern.  Flowers do not lend themselves well to uniformity.  Especially garden flowers.  So cluster the accent flowers at odd intervals and let the whole thing look wild and undone.  I almost always like a pop of green, it helps ground the natural feel of this design.  With this one, just three sprigs of viburnum went into it.  Again, they are totally off-center and uneven and perfectly imperfect.

Such a delicious mix of tart colors.  Kind of makes my eyes water.  Love it!


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