Coop du Jour

What is the coop du jour?  It’s the coop of the day.

We successfully broke ground on the new chicken coop and duck corral this past weekend.  Sure, we said, we’re gonna just build a coop.  No problem, we said.  Just build a coop.  Like you do.

THIS SH** IS HARD.  What the hell were we even thinking?  This coop is definitely going to be on Jonathon’s pro-divorce list.

Look at him in this photo….working away….he is NOT smiling, that is for sure.  You probably would not be smiling either after being attacked repeatedly by rolls of chicken wire (which seem innocent enough until you accidentally let go and the whole thing snaps back into a roll form with the serrated metal edge stapling into the flesh of your leg).

Yet, we persisted, and got pretty decently far for our first attempt at building something we have no qualifications to build.  Until it started raining.  And rain it has for 4 days straight which is not exactly conducive to finishing the coop.  Hopefully, this weekend will be dry, because that poultry is quickly outgrowing the modified dog crates that we currently have them in.

On the bright side: our not-so-little chuckies are really enjoying their day trips into the yard.  It’s pretty entertaining to have them meandering about with the dogs as we work on our projects.  Kind of makes it worth it.  Kind of.

A quacktastic dip in the makeshift duck pond.

The chickens are confused.

Abbie is confused.

Abbie watches over her herd.

The chucks chillax while we scream at each other over the coop.

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