Weatherproof Seed Banners Tutorial

I’ve always struggled with marking my seeds–especially because I usually start them in seed-starter bins. There is never room for normal markers, and anyways, normal is boring. When I stumbled across some really cute colored duct tape at Target recently, a light bulb went off in my head. Duct tape is the solution to every problem. Am I right?

So I came up with these adorable little flags that not only fit nicely into little tiny seed starter slots, they are completely durable and can follow the seedlings out into the garden, as well. And we got some RAIN this spring, so mine have been through the ringer already!

What you’ll need: a pair of sharp scissors, a role of colored duct tape (or several, if you want to go for a festival), a fine-point sharpie pen, and generic bamboo skewers. All of these things, for me, came from Target (holla, Target!).

Pull out a length of tape that is approximately twice as long as you want the finished length of your flag to be (for me, this was a length of about 3 inches of tape which would wind up making flags that are about an inch and a half).  Cut it!

Lay the tape sticky side up on your work surface, and place a bamboo stick right in the middle, as shown below (you can leave a little bit of the stick showing above the top of the flag like I did, or make it flush, your call!).

Now, for the tricky part. Carefully fold the tape in half over the stick. Seems simple enough, but it can be a bit of a cluster to fold it smoothly. Fold and press it together starting your finger at the bamboo stick and then gently moving out to the edge of the flag. It’s not going to be perfectly lined up, and it may have a few bubbles, but that’s okay. Good enough (in my opinion)!

Time to make it pretty! With your scissors, cut a triangle out of the end of the flag (if you’ve pressed the tape together crookedly, like I did in the photo to the right, be sure to trim enough that you get the uneven ends off).

Now, get your sharpie on, and go plant some seeds!

One thought on “Weatherproof Seed Banners Tutorial

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    […] go again with my pennant/bunting obsession in life!  These are an off-shoot of last year’s Weatherproof Seed Banners made from duct tape.  Don’t get me wrong, those worked great, and there is an endless supply […]

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