Coop du Jour, Part Deux

What’s the coop du jour?  It’s the coop of the day.

Sorry.  It doesn’t get old for me.  Twenty points to anyone who calls the movie that’s ripped from.

Anyway, back to the chicken coop.  It is complete (ish)!  I’ve got a few more minor aesthetic adjustments to make, but for my husband’s sake, we’re done.  This was yet another addition to our long list entitled, “Projects We Grossly Underestimated”.  But the girls are happy, and safe, and the thing is not an eyesore, so it’s a win for everybody.  Except my husband, who keeps losing all his free time to these sorts of situations.

The roosting box, complete with privacy curtains.

The ladybirds wander in their private coop garden.

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