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Milo Returns….

I don’t know what it is, but lately extra dogs have been instinctively flocking to our house like the salmon of Capistrano (name the movie!)….Milo’s back!  Which means that Thing One and Thing Two are together at last….it has been a Frenchie ballroom blitz since yesterday afternoon.  Rather hard to tell where one frog ends and the other begins….

Milo….quick like a fox!

Steve’s fighting face.

Milo’s fighting face.

Profile comparison.

Steve and Milo, bff (best frogs forever)!

Beach Chickens!

The in-laws made their every-other-annual trip to Kauai this week, and though the offer is always on the table, we, yet again (*big sigh*), could not go with them due to Jonathon’s show schedule.  As a consolation prize, they’ve been sending me photos of the beach chickens (distinguishable by their visible tan lines and generally relaxed disposition).  Am I the only person who thinks this is awesome?  I love me some beach chickens!  Thought I’d share:

Yoga chicken.

Trouble in paradise….

Camouflage chicken.

My dad-in-law attempts to feed the models….they don’t seem to be eating….

The chicken-photographers (distinguishable by their visible tan lines and generally relaxed disposition):

Meanwhile, back on the farm…..

Steve the Dog

Nope.  That’s not Milo.  That’s Steve the Dog, our latest guest at the exclusive Farmhouse38 Frenchie Resort & Spa.  He’s been working hard lately (check out what he’s been up to on his Facebook page–yes, that’s right, his Facebook page at, and is finally getting some much-deserved Steve time.  He’s reserved his favorite room, the garden suite, as usual, which comes complete with personal butler, feather bed, complementary wireless internet, and a spectacular view of the grounds.  He’s making the most of his vacation: napping with his buddies on his private sundeck, sipping filtered water cocktails, and catching up on True Blood via iPad by the wading pool.   Perhaps later he’ll schedule a massage.  It’s good to be Steve the Dog.

On a side note….I need a hobby.

Rush Hour at the Watering Hole

A routine has been established.  Each morning, after they have been fed and freed, the birds make the long journey from their coop (back, eastern most corner of the property) to the side door of the house(front, western most corner of the property), to mutter at me through the screen door.  They can make those mad faces all they want, though.  It’s not happening.  NO HOUSE CHICKENS.

This morning, however, there was a new addition to the routine.  We keep an automatic dog waterer right next to this door, and several more placed at intervals throughout the property.  Until this morning, the one next to the door was the dogs’ preferred waterer because it was the only one that was theirs and theirs alone (aside from the one we keep inside the house, which is safe, for now, because–NO HOUSE CHICKENS).

Let’s all take a look at Chance’s demeanor when he realizes the chickens have found his watering hole:

But, in the spirit of sharing, he begrudgingly waits in line:

And, as Gertie finishes up, we actually get a waggy tail out of him:

A few more chicken antics:

Abbie arrives late and misses the water-cooler chatter.

And the birds realize that the chicken wire on the front gate is similar to the screen door….must….get…to….what’s on…the other side….in this case, Ladies, a rather busy street, urban wildlife (sweater-wearing terriers and soccer moms), and zero automatic waterers.  Let’s mind the perimeter, hmmm?

Dandelions and Superheroes, Courtesy of the Neph

“Two for one, and one for all!”  Is the battle-cry I heard all morning as the Neph went about some very serious ‘Mousekateer’ business (aka, Musketeer): throwing me and the dogs in jail for bank-robbing (it wasn’t me!….it was the one-armed man!).  This was when he wasn’t dressed in his Captain ‘Merica finery, or up to his elbows in Play-Doh.  Nephew shenanigans….my favorite!

Bullet-proof turtle jammies.

This is the ‘Mouseketeer’ hat, in case you were having trouble placing it.

But the dandelions were the most fun….

Dandelions are awesome!  (what he was saying here…look at that face!)

Very Free-Range

This.  Keeps.  Happening.

I guess this is how it goes when you free range your chickens and are used to keeping your doors wide open.  Please take special note of the guard dog in the background that could be keeping this from happening.

This is, incidentally, my husband’s chicken breaking point, apparently.  When I started talking about getting chickens, he said nothing and sighed.  When I started reading books on having chickens, he said nothing and sighed.  When I announced that I was going to the feed store, with or without him, to get baby chicks, he sighed and came along.  When he was volunteered to help build the dreaded coop, he swore a lot, but made it happen.  Yet this is where the line has been drawn.  Chickens.  Do.  Not.  Go.  In.  The.  House.  Is it bad that I think it’s hilarious when the ladies just drop in unannounced?  Because it is.  It just is.

That’s more like it Chance.  Nice job.

Now, this is just sad.  Chickens don’t like banishment.  I think we’re going to have to repair that rip in the screen, though….I don’t like the way Gertie is looking at it.

Sunday Dirt

I managed to squeeze some garden time in today between playing nurse and butler to the convalescing husband, and it was damned good to be out rolling around in the dirt a bit.  My list was long: the herb gardens needed taming, seedlings needed transplanting, and several new additions needed adding.  And though my partner in crime was not there to do the heavy lifting, my misfit gaggle of tag-a-longs was there underfoot, as always, to trip me as much as possible.

Mildred keeps a close eye on me as I mess with her flowers.

Freshly-planted dahlias–gorgeous!

Transplanted heirloom tomato plant and its new trellis.  With the ladybirds hovering in the background.

New Lemon Cucumber plant.

Newly added Blanket Flowers.

Chance keeping cool in the dirt.

Sunshine, dirt, flowers….happy camper.

First Black-Eyed Suzies!

‘Double Delight’ rose….my favorite!

‘Ferdinand Pichard’….close second.

Boots and hydrangeas by the chicken coop.

Garden chair.

At the end of the day, the Adirondacks are looking pretty inviting….

So I kick back on one in my snazzy pajama pants, and this is what happens….no rest for the weary.

Some of you may be wondering how I was looking after my husband (who is recovering from surgery) if I was out in the garden all day.  To you, I say….good point.  I’d better go check on him.

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