Milo Visits the Farm

My brother’s french bulldog, Milo, is staying with us for a few days….he’s a pup, and really gets Abbie acting like a pup, too.  Suffice it to say, most of my rugs and furniture are rearranged at the moment.  Here’s some photos of the tiny terror!

Watching passersby from under the front fence.

Out of that whole bucket-full of toys….

….Martha Stewart gingerbread man is his favorite.  Look at how sneaky he thinks he is.

Nooooo, Gingie!!!

Poor, Gingie….one arm down, but still smiling.

Milo meets the ladies for the first time (on leash, of course!).  Despite his disarming charm, Milo is a stealthy chicken-hunter.

The Ladies inspect the frog.  The frog inspects the Ladies.

Meanwhile, stage right, this is happening.  Yep.  She’s sitting in my lap as I’m trying to photograph all of this insanity.

Chickens are exhausting.

Don’t bother the frog while he’s getting his beauty sleep.

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One thought on “Milo Visits the Farm

  1. […] effort. Well, maybe more of an ‘A-’).  She has even gotten the stamp of approval from cousin Milo, the Frenchie (who is not too big to wrestle […]

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