Farmhouse38 Donut Cocktail

Glazed Donut Cocktail by


Powdered Sugar Donut Cocktail by Farmhouse38.comNational Donut Day.  It really sneaks up on me every year.

How to celebrate?  With a cocktail, of course.  Why shouldn’t there be a cocktail that tastes like a donut, I ask you?


The Donut Cocktail:


–1.5 oz. heavy cream

–1 tbs. dark brown sugar

–1/2 oz. cake-flavored vodka

–1/2 oz. vanilla vodka

–1.5 oz. plain old vodka (TITO’S!!!)

–3 dashes of cinnamon

–1.5 oz. Dr. Pepper

–powdered sugar and a powdered sugar donut hole, or mini doughnut to garnish, OR hold the powdered sugar and use a glazed or sprinkle donut as garnish.

Mix everything but the Dr. P and garnish in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake gently. Pour chilled, mixed cocktail into a highball glass either with ice or without, whichever you prefer. Add Dr. P and stir. Garnish with doughnut hole, and then powder the whole thing (including your countertop) with powdered sugar. Now drink your doughnut.

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