The Last Battle

Milo goes home today!  Sad faces all around (except for my nephew who can’t wait to have his frog back!).  I just had to get some shots of Abbie and the frog wrestling it up before he headed back.  These two are non-stop when they are together.

Now for some fur-flying, jowl-jiggling action shots:

I love when I post photos that show just how much dog hair is in this house.  For the world to see.

Milo always looks like he’s getting his a** handed to him, but trust me, this is a brilliant battle strategy.  Abbie’s usually the one to cry ‘uncle’.

Here you can literally see the fur flying.  I may need to vacuum.

This was an aerial attack by Milo from the window seat.

And let’s end with some beauty shots:

Miss that face already!!!

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