Meatballs, Watermelon, and Wound Care

Just a normal little Saturday at the farmhouse!

Jonathon’s had better days.  Unfortunately, he had to have a bit of minor surgery last night (10 pm surgery on a Friday night….seems legit), to remove a mole that had gotten a little interesting.  Even more unfortunately, it was located on the small of his back, and they had to take a rather sizable expanse of acreage.  For anyone who hasn’t experienced this, it’s pretty crappy to have stitches on that part of your body–you can’t bend, you can’t twist, you can’t lay down.  So, there he sits.  And there he stays.

Suffice it to say that he was incredibly happy to be included in this blog entry.

This seems like a good time to talk about food.  Right?  Right.  Well, we were meant to be next door at our neighbors’ party today, but those plans went south the second we realized just how immobilized the husband was.  And, out of solidarity, I decided I’d hang out and taunt him with my camera instead of going next door for a cocktail.

I had promised a couple of appetizers, and since we had to bail, I decided to, at least, deliver on the food.  I found an awesome recipe online for a little something called Grape Jelly Meatballs, which are apparently a big deal in the south (though the farmhouse Texan had never heard of them).  Suffice it to say, these things are pretty ridiculously amazing.  The recipe came from ….such a great southern cooking blog.  Love it.  I went the lazy route and used store-bought, frozen meatballs, and also upped the pepper jelly quotient since I like to hurt people with my food.  These are durn good.  Durn good.  I highly recommend the balls and the blog.

The second item I did was a variation on a summer salad I’ve made several times in the past.

These are a festive little bites of watermelon, feta cheese, caramelized bacon, lime curd, and ground pistachio bits.  Pretty and yum!  The only thing that takes a little bit of work here is the bacon.  You cook it as you normally would, and then let it cool.  Once cooled, coat one side of it in granulated sugar and then use a creme brulee torch to brown it up.  I’ve heard you can do this in the oven, too, but I just really jump at any chance to use that God-forsaken torch.  Even though I’m kind of afraid of it.  To assemble: stack bite-sized pieces of watermelon with feta cheese, a bit of the bacon, a squirt of store-bought lime curd, and finish with a dusting of ground, salted, shelled pistachios.

Man, that party sounds like fun over there (it’s a beautiful day and all our doors and windows are open).  But I’ve got dressings to change….and I don’t mean the salad variety.

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