Steve the Dog

Nope.  That’s not Milo.  That’s Steve the Dog, our latest guest at the exclusive Farmhouse38 Frenchie Resort & Spa.  He’s been working hard lately (check out what he’s been up to on his Facebook page–yes, that’s right, his Facebook page at, and is finally getting some much-deserved Steve time.  He’s reserved his favorite room, the garden suite, as usual, which comes complete with personal butler, feather bed, complementary wireless internet, and a spectacular view of the grounds.  He’s making the most of his vacation: napping with his buddies on his private sundeck, sipping filtered water cocktails, and catching up on True Blood via iPad by the wading pool.   Perhaps later he’ll schedule a massage.  It’s good to be Steve the Dog.

On a side note….I need a hobby.

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2 thoughts on “Steve the Dog

  1. Shannon June 19, 2012 at 1:46 pm Reply

    So…are you doggie sitting then? Or will he be a permanent guest?

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