The Inaugural Egg

And so it begins….

So….that happened.

I’m being all cool about this right now, but, believe me, all my friends and family got a photo texted to them like someone had just given birth.  Which is funny because my sister-in-law is actually about to give birth–three-days-passed-her-expiration-date-about-to-give-birth– and that’s what we should really all be focused on right now.  Sorry, Lindsey, I am not trying to steal your thunder!  I’m sure she’s really worried.

Neighbor, Reed, shares in my enthusiasm. He’s three. But he gets me.

It is a lovely, lovely egg.  The prettiest shade of palest pink….and I found it sitting directly in the middle of the garden path, like someone squatted and ran.  I almost stepped on it….let’s all be grateful this did not occur….I would have been inconsolable.

Pretty little egg.

Many have asked me, “Well, who’s is it?” And, really, I have no idea!  I have my suspicions, though….

Pretty sure that this is the responsible party.

Millie has been doing the ‘egg squat’ for a couple of weeks now (supposedly a sign that they are ready to lay), but beyond that, this situation is just so Millie.  It is just so like her to drop that first egg in the center of the path, like, “Yeah.  I did it.  Don’t be jealous.”  But time will tell!  I have read that sometimes you’ve got to put a couple of decoy eggs in the nesting box to encourage them to lay there….think I might have to try that and see what comes of it.

Eggs!  Finally!  I am way too excited about this.

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2 thoughts on “The Inaugural Egg

  1. Seasonsgirl August 13, 2012 at 2:43 am Reply

    We did the same thing with our first egg… texted it to anyone we thought would find it cool 😉

  2. From a Montana Front Porch August 13, 2012 at 8:19 pm Reply

    Not way too excited! I’m the one who is way too excited about your chicken laying an egg! 🙂 And a nice big one to boot! Yay!

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