Garage to Studio, Phase II

In true Labor Day style, we got back to business on the garage this weekend.  Phase II (of four phases) is focused around the west wall of the garage, which began as a modge-podge of poorly-fitted corrugated sheet metal tacked up around an off-centered, non-functioning, 100-year-old window.  Don’t get me wrong–I actually loved that window (and was devastated when, a week after closing escrow, the guys we hired to clear the jungle that was our yard shattered the bottom pane out), but for my new studio’s sake, we needed more windows, and the current one wasn’t going to cut it (especially with the chicken wire we put over the bottom of it to ‘replace’ the missing glass).

First things, first….that window had to come out:

Jonathon strategizes.

Fingers crossed that the top portion of glass survives removal!

Huzzah! The window survives….and joins my ever-growing pile of re-usable s-crap.

With the window gone, it was time to get at that metal siding.

A lovely view.

We were sad to see this panel go….Racing bike-MEOW, indeed. I know it will shock everyone, but we did not write this.

Whilst Jonathon swung away with a mallet at those panels (and disturbed the peace for miles around), I was busy helping like this:

Oh, look! Pretty flowers!

And look at these pretty flowers!

So many pretty flowers….

Chance was helping, too.

After getting yelled at for my lack of focus (Chance didn’t get yelled at), I was assigned to a very important task: rusty nail collection.  As they popped out like bullets, I had to duck and cover, then scrounge for them in the bushes.  I’m important, you know.

My growing collection of rusty nails.

Finally, after A LOT of noise (there is nothing quite as beautiful as the siren song of a mallet on metal to win the good graces of our neighbors), the west wall was a nice little breezeway….

Anyone else feel a little uncertain about the integrity of this structure? Just me? Allrighty, then.

Afternoon shadows on the garage floor.

Abbie inspects the missing wall.

The next step was, of course, to reinforce the existing studs, and frame out for the new windows.  Unfortunately, once again, this is where I leave off in order to not give away the end result.  I’m all about suspense.

Oh, look! Pretty flowers!

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3 thoughts on “Garage to Studio, Phase II

  1. Dad September 3, 2012 at 4:47 pm Reply

    There’s nothing like a good helper. Good thing that Abbie was around.

    • farmhouseK8 September 3, 2012 at 5:28 pm Reply

      Yes. Thanks, Dad. Yes, I know I was worthless on this one. The tables will turn when it’s painting/finishing/decorating time. Mark my words!!!

  2. Charlotte Zweigoron September 4, 2012 at 12:23 am Reply

    Looking forward to the finished wall! And I highly approve of your style of help. Noticing the beauty around us and pointing it out to laborers in the field is a little appreciated bit of work. As Peter Sellers said in BEING THERE, “I like to watch.”

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