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Book Review and Giveaway: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens

You guys. I am so excited to finally get my hands on this book (and clearly from the photo above, I wasn’t the only one)! The wonderful Melissa Caughey of has just released her very first book: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her! It’s a perfect addition to my chicken-keeping library. Furthermore, I get to give a copy away to one of you lucky readers as part of Melissa’s blog book tour (details on entering the giveaway at the end of this post)! And there are so many chances to win–the blog tour stops at different blogs for the next few weeks, so check in with the schedule at to find out where you can enter every day!

Fortunately for me, my copy arrived just in time for a weekend sleepover with the nephews, and they were more than happy to help me review it.

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens brought to you by

The nephews spend a little quality time reading A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens with the poultry.

This is such a fun book for kids! Not only filled with lots of fabulous information and photos on the ins and outs of raising chickens, it’s also full of the most adorable, colorful illustrations that really kept the nephews (and chickens) thoroughly entertained.

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from


A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

The audience is smitten.

What’s more, the book is peppered with kid-friendly science experiments, clever craft projects, yummy egg recipes, and real-life kids-keeping-chickens stories. There’s even a tear-out wall poster!

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

Gertie calls dibs on the poster.

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

My six-year-old nephew knew right away that he wanted to try out some crafts, so he invited over our neighbor buddies and they got to work making treasure boxes out of egg cartons. (As seen on pg. 116)

A review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

Bedazzling egg cartons is serious business.

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

I may or may not have succumbed to the siren song of rhinestones.

If you’ve got kids and chickens in your life, or know someone who does, you need this book!!!


Leave a comment on this blog post between today, March 11, 2015 and 11:59 pm, Saturday, March 14, 2015 telling me who you know (chickens or non-chickens) that would love a copy of this book, and my nephew will help me select one winner from the comments at random. Contest open to U.S. residents only.

Be sure to check in daily with to see what great blogs are stops on the tour (and for more opportunities to win this fabulous book)! And don’t forget that A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens is now available through Amazon and other major retailers.

A book review and giveaway of 's A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens from

WHAT?! Chickens take baths in the dirt? But how do they get clean if they are just getting dirty? Six-year-old mind blown.

Meet the Peeps

Meet the Peeps of

I realized that with the timing of the arrival of these three, they got a little over-shadowed by Easter and all associated busy-ness and festivities. I feel like I didn’t give them a proper welcome. And that’s not how we roll.

Afterall, these babies were a long-time planned and waited-for. We live on a small (7500 sq ft!), suburban lot, and we already have our three grown hens, so I agonized for quite awhile over whether adding more was the right thing to do. But, at the end of the day, we just weren’t getting quite enough eggs, and we felt like six hens would be perfect (and be the absolute maximum that was even remotely sane for us to have on this property). Here’s hoping (crossing fingers and toes while knocking on wood) for all hens, because we can’t keep roosters here. Here’s also hoping for a couple of blue or green egg-layers!

So…without further ado:

New Peeps at

Annabel Lee, an Easter Egger, named by one of my favorite kids (shout-out to C1!) for the title character of Edgar Allen Poe’s iconic poem.

New Peeps at

Veruca Salt, hereafter known as ‘Salt’, is a Lavender Orpington named for a certain notorious Willie Wonka character. Let’s hope she doesn’t live up to her namesake!

New Peeps at

Beatrix Potter, another little Easter Egger, has proven very difficult to snap a good photo of! (Please refer to the Easter post for reference). You’re looking at the only one. Shy baby!

I would be remiss if I didn’t give out a shout-out to Dare 2 Dream Farms for these pretty babies. This is a gorgeous farm located about 3 hours north of Los Angeles in the Santa Barbara wine country. You just must take a look (follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!) and see their beautiful farm, upcoming CSA, as well as, all their stunning, lovingly-raised chicken breeds.

New Peeps at

New Peeps at

New Peeps at

And now…what you have all been waiting for…I give you…The Peeps Show!



Happy Easter, Peeps!

Happy Easter from

From everyone (including our three new peeps), at Farmhouse38!

Our Little Coop’s December Click-a-Day Challenge

I love me a photo challenge.  And I love me some Our Little Coop.  So when I saw they were orchestrating this December Click-a-Day Challenge, I thought: YUP.  Sign me up, people.

December Click-a-Day Photo Challenge from Our Little Coop

It’s super simple: just take a photo a day interpreting that day’s theme, and then post to your favorite social media using the hastag #clickadaychallenge.  I’m going to post all my images for the month here in this blog post, so check back in to see my results!  Join me!

The Day 1 challenge is RED, and here’s my photo:

Day 1 Our Little Coop's December Click-a-Day Challenge

A quick moment before holiday crafting officially destroys my entire house!

Day 2: Gratitude

Day 2 December Click-a-Day Challenge

Day 3: Words

Day 3 December Click a Day Challenge by Our Little Coop

Okay, so it’s only one word…

Day 4: Cold

Day 4 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

How you really know it’s Christmas at our house.

Day 5: Comfort

Day 5 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

Embarrassingly spoiled.

Day 6: ‘Tis the Season

Day 6 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

White poinsettias, neon Chuck Taylors. Very festive.

Day 7: Tradition

Day 7 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

The Christmas Pickle.

Day 8: Looking Up

Day 8 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop

Our newly-adopted puppy, Phoebe, as shown-off by our nephew. So much cute in such a little photo.

Day 9: Light

Day 9 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Prepare yourselves for endless puppy pics.  I apologize for nothing.

Day 10: Black and White

Day 10 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Nixie needs some attention. I just love how she always looks like mischief is a-brewing. Saucy little minx.

Day 11: Below

Day 11 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

How to puppy-proof a tree. And, also, the star is supposed to be crooked. I swear.

Day 12: Wish

Day 12 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

A little Christmas pixie dust.

Day 13: Reflect

Day 13 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Bobbin’ for worms.

Day 15: Through the Window

December Click-A-Day Challenge Day 15 from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Or…through the screen door. Since it is 82 degrees out today.

Day 18: Close Up

Day 18 December Click-a-Day Challenge from Our Little Coop via Farmhouse38

Thanks for the fun, Our Little Coop!

Unquantifiable Losses

I hate to make a Monday even more of a downer, but this is a sad post, folks.  So if you can’t stomach it, I totally understand.  Here’s your out.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must let you know that we’ve suffered two major losses recently.

First, and foremost, is my sweetest yellow dog, Chance.  At the ripe old age of 13, he passed away from cancer.  You would have hardly known he was sick right up until the very, very end.  It has actually been a couple of months now that he’s been gone…I just couldn’t bring myself to talk about it.  This dog…I have no words to express what this dog meant to me; long before the Texan entered our lives, it was just he and I.  He was my constant companion through good times and bad, and I think my heart will never not be broken.

The Best Dog in the World.

Rest in peace, my sweetest boy. I miss you every single day.

More recently, we also lost Millie-bird (a few days ago, in fact).  She succumbed to an ailment that the vet could only describe as ‘reproductive issues’ (incidentally, this was not egg-binding, or any of the usual suspects; it was on-going and had the vet completely perplexed).  I didn’t think I was going to be that person who rushed a sick chicken to the vet…but, as it turns out, I am.  And apparently, I am also that person who cries bawls over the loss of a chicken.  Millie was my favorite: friendly, cuddly, funny, talkative–I could go on and on but I think I have aired out my crazy enough for one day.


Goodbye my pretty, clucky girl.

And while I am doing a bit of tearful remembering, I want to give a spot to someone that you all don’t know.  Hogan has been gone for almost three years now…long before I started this blog.  But, he too, is an enormous hole in my heart.  He was a hysterical, bouncy, slobbery ball of boxer-love; completely one of a kind.


I still miss you, Hogie-bear.

Fresh Eggs Daily: The Book…and Giveaway

Fresh Eggs Daily: Keeping Happy, Healthy Chickens...NaturallyI have long been a fan of Lisa Steele over at Fresh Eggs Daily; a fan of her fun and informative blog, as well as her entire approach to natural chicken keeping.  So I am beyond excited to not only review her new book, but to be able to offer up a signed copy as a giveaway to one lucky winner!

Let me start by saying, I really wish this book had been available when I was first thinking about jumping into chicken-keeping (fortunately, I had Lisa’s blog to turn to!).  Lisa lays out the basics in such a straightforward way; coop size, bedding options, nesting box instructions–the whole nine yards–and then she peppers that nine yards with helpful suggestions about how to integrate herbs into your chickens’ lives.  For instance, I absolutely love and swear by her Lavender Mint Coop Refresh Spray (which can be made with either vinegar or vodka as the base…I’m sure you can guess which base I use).  But beyond this awesome cleaning spray/cocktail, Lisa shares an incredible amount of knowledge on herbs, in general, and the benefits each kind might deliver to your flock.  I am a big fan of using a blend of them not only in the nesting boxes, but all around the coop, and this book offered up an education on just what those herbs really do for my birds (and, frankly, me!).

I also love me a good chicken recipe (not the kind that uses the bird, people–the kind that involves cooking for your spoiled chickens), and Lisa’s got a bunch.  My absolute favorite is her Molt Muffins, and I intend to make them ASAP.  We are still molting.  I’m not sure how there are still any feathers left to lose.

There is just a wealth of chicken information packed into this adorable book, and I am definitely putting it on my go-to read list for anyone thinking of starting a flock.  And I must say, it looks darn cute tucked into my chicken book library.

NOW… for the giveaway!  I am so honored to be part of Lisa’s virtual book tour–every day for the next two weeks, you can enter to win a signed copy at each of the participating blogs (and the giveaways already started yesterday!!).

Visit all the other stops along the Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour to read some more great reviews and to enter to win a copy!

Week One

October 14th

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October 15th


October 16th

The Nerdy Farmwife & Lessons Learned from the Flock

October 17th

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October 18th

Let This Mind Be in You & Sunny Simple Life

Week Two

October 21st

October 22nd
October 23rd
October 24th
October 25th
But as for today, enter by following the link below–the contest is live and will run until midnight this coming Friday.  You’ll be asked to leave a comment on this blogpost to enter (as well as have the opportunity to get extra entries by following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).  Let the games begin!!!
Enter here:

Fresh Eggs Daily Giveaway

And don’t forget that Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising happy, healthy chickens…naturally is available for purchase through Amazon and other major retailers.

Chicken Coop Gallery Wall

Chicken Portraits at Farmhouse38Remember these talented knuckleheads and their impressionist chicken portraits?  If not, check out the blog post here.

And remember how, after the new coop was unveiled, I was lamenting the bare wall over the roost bar?

Chicken Grit and Feed Dispensers from Farmhouse38

We can’t have that now, can we?

Well, I am sure for those of you who know me, this comes as no surprise:

Chicken Portrait Gallery at Farmhouse38

It had to be done.

The chickens now have their very own schmancy gallery wall.  The kids’ art prints are all in those fantastic light-weight plastic frames from Ikea (very poop-proof), and they are attached to the wall with heavy-duty velcro for easy removal.

This is complete insanity.  I know.  But it makes me laugh.

Chicken Coop Gallery Wall at Farmhouse38

Gertie shows us her famous profile.

Thanks C1, C2, and C3!  Your chicken artwork is perfection. 🙂

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