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Put an Egg on It

Put an Egg on It Book Review by Farmhouse38This book.  How could I pass up a chance to review this book?  Just…look at it!  Obviously, it’s full of recipes; breakfasts, lunches, appies, dinners, desserts, and cocktails.  And they all sound darned tempting…but also?  They LOOK darned tempting.  I am a sucker for gorgeous photography, and I was in such heaven perusing this collection.

Lara Ferroni is a food photographer and writer by trade (check out for her impressive resume), and her love of food just bursts from every happy page of this cookbook.  Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Eggs?  Yes, please.  Havarti, Avocado, Serrano, and Egg Sandwich?  Yes, yes, yes, OMG yes.  Maple Meringue Doughnut Holes?  Sign me up.   Annnnd, did I mention there’s cocktails?  Done. I’m just done.

So I decided that the best way I could review a cookbook was to actually do a little cooking.  I seriously labored over what to choose, but ultimately, the Pumpkin Pots were calling my name.  What could be better to stuff my face with on a crisp fall evening?  Besides a cocktail (we’ll get to that, I promise). They are just too cute (and Lara is right about the name, it’s fun to say, especially after one of her cocktails).  You’ll have to grab a copy of the book for the exact recipe, but in a nutshell (or pumpkin shell, if you really want to split hairs), we’re talking spicy sausage, bread, eggs, and herbs all snuggled together in a tiny pumpkin.  Adorbs and delish.

Put an Egg on It Cookbook Review by Farmhouse38

Pumpkin Pots, Pumpkin Pots, Pumpkin Pots.

We all know I could not possibly not try out a cocktail recipe (or…all of the cocktail recipes…I’m not joking). But I if had to pick just one for this review, I would have to go with the Bumblebee Cocktail:

Put an Egg on It Cookbook Review by Farmhouse38

Oh, the gorgeousness!

It’s a rework of a vintage cocktail; dark rum, honey, citrus, and yes…egg whites.  Gotta put an egg on it, ya know.  Cheers to that!

You know what else we should cheers to?  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be doing an awesome giveaway of Put an Egg on It as the centerpiece of a fun little egg-cooking-themed prize package, including a few of my most favorite kitcheny things:

Put an Egg on It Giveaway from Farmhouse38

Tune in Friday (November 8, 2013) for the start of the contest!

Put an Egg on It can be found at most major booksellers, including

For more information on the author, stop by and follow her on Twitter.

Fresh Eggs Daily: The Book…and Giveaway

Fresh Eggs Daily: Keeping Happy, Healthy Chickens...NaturallyI have long been a fan of Lisa Steele over at Fresh Eggs Daily; a fan of her fun and informative blog, as well as her entire approach to natural chicken keeping.  So I am beyond excited to not only review her new book, but to be able to offer up a signed copy as a giveaway to one lucky winner!

Let me start by saying, I really wish this book had been available when I was first thinking about jumping into chicken-keeping (fortunately, I had Lisa’s blog to turn to!).  Lisa lays out the basics in such a straightforward way; coop size, bedding options, nesting box instructions–the whole nine yards–and then she peppers that nine yards with helpful suggestions about how to integrate herbs into your chickens’ lives.  For instance, I absolutely love and swear by her Lavender Mint Coop Refresh Spray (which can be made with either vinegar or vodka as the base…I’m sure you can guess which base I use).  But beyond this awesome cleaning spray/cocktail, Lisa shares an incredible amount of knowledge on herbs, in general, and the benefits each kind might deliver to your flock.  I am a big fan of using a blend of them not only in the nesting boxes, but all around the coop, and this book offered up an education on just what those herbs really do for my birds (and, frankly, me!).

I also love me a good chicken recipe (not the kind that uses the bird, people–the kind that involves cooking for your spoiled chickens), and Lisa’s got a bunch.  My absolute favorite is her Molt Muffins, and I intend to make them ASAP.  We are still molting.  I’m not sure how there are still any feathers left to lose.

There is just a wealth of chicken information packed into this adorable book, and I am definitely putting it on my go-to read list for anyone thinking of starting a flock.  And I must say, it looks darn cute tucked into my chicken book library.

NOW… for the giveaway!  I am so honored to be part of Lisa’s virtual book tour–every day for the next two weeks, you can enter to win a signed copy at each of the participating blogs (and the giveaways already started yesterday!!).

Visit all the other stops along the Fresh Eggs Daily Blog Tour to read some more great reviews and to enter to win a copy!

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Week Two

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But as for today, enter by following the link below–the contest is live and will run until midnight this coming Friday.  You’ll be asked to leave a comment on this blogpost to enter (as well as have the opportunity to get extra entries by following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).  Let the games begin!!!
Enter here:

Fresh Eggs Daily Giveaway

And don’t forget that Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising happy, healthy chickens…naturally is available for purchase through Amazon and other major retailers.

Buff Up on Your Farmhouse Style- A Giveaway!

I am so, so thrilled about this giveaway, people!  I just get really excited when I stumble across a truly talented artist, and Katja over at Shift Ctrl Art is that in spades.  And it isn’t just art over there, either; she is an incredible designer, a crafty crafter, and an impressively all-around creative soul.  On top of being a completely entertaining blogger.  I just fell in love with her gorgeous pastel animal portraits, and decided to see if she might be interested in doing one (of course!) of a chicken.  I may or may not know the model.

So here is the incredible result:

Chicken portrait by Shift Ctrl Art

Buff Orpington Print from Shift Ctrl Art

We are giving away an 8×10 framed, matted, and signed fine-art print of this adorable creation to one very lucky winner.  The contest begins today, June 13th, and ends Monday, June 17th, at midnight, and you can enter through the following link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

The First-EVER Farmhouse38 Giveaway

A Charming Giveaway from Farmhouse38

I am so excited to be dipping my toes into the wonderful world of giveaways, and I cannot think of a better prize than these exquisite little charms from Charmed by Heidi.  Each one is a hand-painted original, and so tiny, and so perfect that they completely defy logic!  I just love them!  Two lucky winners will be selected, and each winner will win one of these two custom chicken portrait charm necklaces (one is Millie, and one is Eloise, for anyone who is wondering!)

The rules of the contest are simple….follow the link below and be sure to like Farmhouse38 on Facebook, as well as sign up to follow the Farmhouse38 blog, and you will be entered.  To gain bonus entries, like Charmed by Heidi on Facebook, follow Farmhouse38 on Twitter, and follow Farmhouse38 on Pinterest.  You’ll be granted an additional entry for each.  Also, if you’d like to just bypass all this hoopla and go and buy one of these adorable necklaces, check out the Charmed by Heidi Etsy shop.

The contest opens today, March 7th, 2013, and closes at the stroke of midnight Monday, March 11, 2013.  The winners will be selected at random on Monday, March 11, 2013, and will be notified as soon as possible.  If you do not claim your prize within 7 days of the winner announcement, I will be forced to select and notify another winner.

Let’s do this!!!  Click the following link to enter:

Enter A Charming Giveaway

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