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The New and *Slightly* Improved

The New and *Slightly* Improved Farmhouse38.comIf you’ve been following along with us by email, I think we may have lost you in the migration. The site is now officially located at (like a proper, grown-up blog). So please come over for a visit and if you enjoyed receiving my posts in your inbox (I knew I liked you), there’s a ‘Sign Up!’ subscription box on the upper righthand of the new site so that you can do the exact same thing with the new blog. I don’t want to be clingy, but…have you missed me? I’ve missed you.

Now it’s awkward.


Administrative Things

Just do one thing.

It’s been a little lackluster around here, right? Right. Sorry about that. Truly. I’ve been holed up, migrating and re-designing Farmhouse38 (getting rid of that darned, dangling It. Has. Been. A. Beast. And every new post that I put out has to then be painstakingly migrated–so to put it mildly, I’ve been reluctant to do a lot of blogging. The whole process has taken up all the extra room in my brain (of which there was alarmingly little to start) and I am beside myself to nearly have it done.

The good news is that I am about to relaunch–any day now. So please bear with me–there may be a few hiccups, but it is all for the greater cause: a whole new with a new look and focus.

See ya on the other side…I’ll bring cocktails.

Crap. Now I gotta migrate this post.

If I had a World of My Own

Have I mentioned I love all things Alice?If I had a world of my own quote, via

A Little Change is Good, Methinks…


Hearts No. 1, mixed media metal art by Kate Richards of Farmhouse38.comIf you’ve been following me for awhile, you may have noticed I’ve slowed down a bit with my blogging. In fact, you may have noticed that there have been moments where it has come to a grinding, shrieking halt. Or maybe you haven’t noticed and I just think everyone’s been noticing. I’m a lot more important in my head. A LOT more important.

I know I’ve got some ‘splaining to do. So, it goes something like this: I’m an artist. Did you know that? I haven’t mentioned it much, aside from a little blip here and there in my profile, but so far, the art hasn’t surfaced much on my blog. There’s a reason for that…I’ve been on a prolonged, forced hiatus from the art. It’s the Farmhouse’s fault, you see. Sure, it’s been a real time-suck to renovate this house from top to bottom–I could easily blame it on that, right? But no–the real reason it has kept me from my art is that the garage renovation (err…studio renovation), was the very last on our kill list. It’s crazy how functioning kitchens and bathrooms and finished bedroom walls really take all the priority glory.

The Art Barn at

The garage, pre-renovation.

The Art Barn at

The studio, post-renovation.

The studio barn at

The studio all lit up at night (with a couple of guard cats keeping the look-out for wandering bands of art thieves).

The studio barn at

As you can see, it’s already quite well-used; those floors do not stay clean.

You may be thinking that this is a pretty weak excuse; this not-having-a-proper-studio baloney. I kind of agree (especially in retrospect). But my ‘artwork’ is a little off the wall (pun intended). It’s not as simple as setting up a temporary easel in the guest bedroom, because my medium of choice is actually metal (you didn’t see that coming, now did you??). So there is a lot of welding and grinding and metal shrapnel a-flying. I can’t do it in the house (obviously). I can’t even do it outside in the driveway because of the shrapnel (which becomes inherently dangerous to animal paws and crops when it’s lurking in the cracks and crevices and dirt). So I had to wait (rather impatiently), for my studio. And wait I did. For five years. But, in the meantime, I started a blog–so it wasn’t all for naught, right?

The mixed media metal art by Kate Richards of

Me welding up a metal ‘canvas’.

Mixed media metal art by Kate Richards of

Me being gravely serious at the easel.

Let me elaborate on the artwork. When I say ‘metal’ and ‘welding’ people tend to picture big, hulking sculptures–but no, that’s not what I do. My stuff is actually more along the lines of mixed media painting; my ‘canvas’ is metal, my ‘mixed media’ is a rather alchemic blend of patina, paint, and dye. Sometimes glitter. Sometimes a little dog hair. The latter two are kind of hard to avoid around here–they are in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Cheers! I digress. I grind a lot of pattern into that media, so the paintings all typically wind up with reflective ‘metal’ elements.

Ikat No. 1 mixed media metal painting by Kate Richards of

Ikat No.1, mixed media metal painting on aluminum. (The whitish areas are actually reflective, raw metal).

So what’s my point here? For quite some time, I’ve been keeping the FH38 blog and the artwork completely separate…almost leading a double life, if you will. I was worried that, with so much stuff going on at Farmhouse38, the art would just further muddy it up–that the blog and the art would dilute each other, if that makes any sense. So I was gearing up to run two separate social media profiles…and you know what? I’m exhausted. I can’t do it, people, I just can’t do it. So after much deliberation and soul-searching (do I close up shop on one and focus on the other? How do I choose my favorite child?), I’ve decided to merge the two. From here on out, you guys are going to start seeing a lot of art on this site; all the rest of the stuff–the chickens, the garden, the crafting, the cocktails, the farmhouse projects–it will all still be here, just gently interspersed between the antics of my artistic ebb and flow. Eventually, my stuff will be available to buy on Etsy and other such sites, but for now, you can check out to see a straightforward gallery (I am going to leave that website up as a one-stop informational shop for just the artwork, but make no mistake, it will all eventually be found on Farmhouse38, too). Be sure to follow me on Instagram, because I’ve already been posting quite a bit of behind the scenes arting shots there.

Neon No. 1 mixed media metal painting by Kate Richards of

Neon No. 1, acrylic on reclaimed steel. This is a good shot of what a ‘metal canvas’ looks like. Kind of like a metal box lid with 1 inch or so edges so that it can just hang on the wall like a normal painting.

In addition to all this art, you’re going to be seeing a lot more flowers. The flowers have always been a part of FH38, but now that my mini, wannabe flower farm is hitting its stride, slow flower arrangements and arrangement how-tos are gonna hop to the forefront along with the art. Metal art and flowers, people. And probably a whole lot of metal flower art. You’ve been warned.

As part of this Farmhouse38 redirection, I will also finally (FINALLY!!!) be switching the blog from its current state to a self-hosted situation. That means that the new blog will be found at (which currently redirects to–no more already! Geez!!). I’m working on it now, and since I have never actually done this before, I expect that there will be some hiccups. In fact, I expect that I will make a complete and utter mess of the whole thing–so please, please, please bear with me as I muddle my way through it. As I always like to say: it has to get worse before it gets awesome. 🙂 Don’t worry, I will give you all plenty of notice when I make the switch so we can all have a good laugh at how I’ve gone and mucked it all up. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest…it’s harder to mess those up (believe me, I’ve made some valiant efforts).

Rooster No. 1 mixed media metal painting by Kate Richards of

I can’t not have some metal chicken art. This is Farmhouse38, afterall.

Mixed media metal artist Kate Richards of

There are almost always chickens in my studio. It’s just how I roll.

So there you have it: my blog midlife crisis in all its glory. Who’s coming with me?!!





Donate Directly to Carlin’s Cancer Expense Fund


Buy TeamCarlin Gear to Help Support

This kid:

photo copy 2


I have no words!

Okay, maybe I have a few words:

Carlin is a precious three-year-old chock full of three-year-old sparkle; she loves to play outside, ride her horses, chase chickens, and dress her dogs in costumes (and you know they love it right back!). A country kid, through and through! She adores preschool, and being with her big sister.


photo copy 9

photo copyShe is something of a tutu connoisseur, and rocks those things like no one I know. And man, does that kid have a smile that goes for days.

photo copy 12

In November of 2013, with no warning at all, she suffered a seizure that sent her to the ER, where the doctors discovered what they thought to be a low-grade brain tumor. Surgery proved otherwise.

photo copy 8

Carlin was diagnosed with an extremely rare and very aggressive type of brain tumor called ETANTR (Embryonal tumor with abundant neuropil and true rosettes). She is currently undergoing an intensive chemotherapy protocol, which will be followed up with radiation.

And yet, still rocking those tutus with a big ol’ smile!

photo copy 6


photo copy 10 ETANTR Awareness

Carlin getting a special visit from our good friends Tina & Roo of Read to Roo. ETANTR Awareness

Carlin, her big sis, Harper, and Roo (sporting a tutu of his own).

When Carlin was first diagnosed, there was so very little information out there on this diagnosis (there is somewhere around only 300 reported cases) that her parents were at a loss. It is their hope to bring more awareness to the ETANTR tumor, and to its research. Here is a more detailed article for anyone wishing to have a little more information on ETANTR.

For more about Carlin’s story, please visit and follow along on Twitter. You can help support Carlin’s treatment by donating directly or by stocking up on Team Carlin Gear.

Additionally, you can cheer Carlin on by using the hashtag #tutuTOUGH on your tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts. We want to see you sporting your Team Carlin gear, so be sure to take a photo and tag it with #tutuTOUGH! Here’s some examples: ETANTR Awareness

My Nephew rocking his Team Carlin shirt. He thinks Carlin is not just #tututough, but also superhero-tough! (His words!) ETANTR Awareness

Abbie, Phoebe, and Milo show off their muscles (and muffin-tops) in their #tutuTOUGH doggy t-shirts. ETANTR Awareness

Go Team Carlin! Photo courtesy of Michelle Agnew.


Team Carlin in Ohio! Photo courtesy of Tina Anderson. ETANTR Awareness

Two #tutuTOUGH pixies representing after their theater production of Peter Pan. Photo courtesy of Amy Loy. ETANTR Awareness

#tutuTOUGH, Dallas-style! Photo courtesy of Jennifer Smallwood. ETANTR Awareness

Tutus for #tutuTOUGH–thanks, Roo and E! Photo courtesy of Tina Anderson. ETANTR Awareness

And, of course, the most #tutuTOUGH of them all: Miss Carlin!

Fight’s on, Brain Cancer!




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