A Little Christmas Joy

No Christmas cards this year, but how about a short holiday film about Phoebe and her favorite toy?

Who needs Christmas cards!!!

Accidental Bah-Humbuggery

Phoebe and the tree at Farmhouse38.com


I didn’t mean to not do Christmas this year. But it’s the 22nd. Christmas has officially gotten away from me. *Cue that sorta sad Peanuts Christmas song here*

We did put lights on the house. We did put up the tree. The tree also has lights on it. Huzzah! It’s the little things.

But everything else (Christmas cards *gasp*, holiday crafts, holiday baking) has fallen by the wayside as I work hard on some administrative odds and ends at good ol’ Farmhouse38. New things for the new year, people! But administrative stuff has a way of spongeing up one’s extra Christmas juices.

I did manage to get a shot of Phoebe in front of the tree again, just so that we can all look back and remember what an adorable nugget she was this time last year. It’s so funny to me how in both shots she has her tail tucked under her and it looks like she has a normal boxer nub. Trust me, it’s there, in all it’s shin-whipping glory. But I digress.

I love Christmas. I really do. And I’ve been feeling pretty sheepish about not being the blogger who put the Christmas decorations up in September to photograph (seriously! this is a freakish super-human power that I do not possess). And then even more sheepish when it appears that I’m not even that blogger who gets them up in December. Meh.

Whutteryagonna do. I, for one, am gonna eat some candy, drink some bourbon-laced nog, and put my feet up by the fire with my awkward lap dogs draped over me and snoring. I’ll watch my nephews open presents while my parrot chants her new favorite word in the background (“Weird! Weird! WEIRD!”)(she’s doing it right now as I type). I’ll get a little buzzed and envision all the bloggy Christmas magic I will perform next year. And forget it all by February.



Happy Thanksgiving from Farmhouse38.com

Hope it is a happy, safe, and filling one, my friends!

Ceiling Our Fate

It’s been awfully quiet around here lately. I apologize (or maybe you were enjoying the silence–in that case, you’re welcome. I do what I can.).

Excuses time!

First of all, a few weeks ago we went to Maui to watch our beautiful friends get married. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. More on that, soon!

And then, of course, Halloween happened.

And then, without skipping a beat, we dove into a very enormous house project. After six years, and countless excruciatingly high professional estimates, we are painting the 15 foot tall vaulted ceilings on the main floor of our house. Ourselves. Gulp.

Painting the 15 foot ceilings at Farmhouse38.com

Now, I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate about this. For painting over wood. And trust me, I love raw wood ceilings. I love stained wood ceilings. I love reclaimed wood ceilings. They have their place. Just not in this house, where every lick of trim is white. My design for this house always included white plank ceilings, and if we had had a hot second when this ceiling first went up, I would have painted everything while it was still on the ground. That would have been the smart thing to do. But things moved very fast in those days, and we always assumed that at some point we’d be able to afford to pay someone else to get up there and paint those damned tall ceilings. But, as it turns out, it’s super expensive for someone to risk life and limb over paint.

So, as usual, we are taking matters into our own hands. Scaffolding and all.

Painting ceilings at Farmhouse38.com

Painting ceilings at Farmhouse38.com

That’s me. Up on the scaffolding. Hanging out with the ceiling fan. Holding on for dear life.

As usual, the dogs have been extremely helpful:

Sunhounds at Farmhouse38.com

When they’re not doing that, they’re standing under the scaffolding catching drips with their faces:

Paint puppy at Farmhouse38.com

And when they’re done with that they have to recover:

Resting pupfaces at Farmhouse38.com

Such hard workers.

Painting ceilings at Farmhouse38.com

Because his reach is longer and his fear of heights is slightly less debilitating, the Texan gets all the really crappy shifts. Here he is perched on an 18″ wide ledge that hangs over the two story drop down our staircase. Such a relaxing weekend for him.

We’ve also chosen this opportunity to deepen the color on the walls, as well as tie up a whole bunch of missing molding and trim projects. In a nutshell, we are finally finishing the great room. Six years of staring at our main living space and wishing it was finished. It’s happening, people. I’m beside myself. And also very sore.

So stay tuned for after shots, coming really soon. Yes. Soon. I promise.




Thing 1 & Thing 2

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Dog Halloween Costumes from Farmhouse38.com

A day late, but there’s still time for a Halloween chuckle: this is what the dogs put up with this year.

And the white dog’s expression in this photo about sums it all up:

Thing 1 and Thing 2 dog Halloween costumes from Farmhouse38.comHope you all had a happy Halloween!


Feeling Halloweenie

Halloween light display at Farmhouse38.com

As usual, we’ve got to keep up with the Joneses for Halloween. Our little town goes crayons for Halloween, so we always feel ‘pressured’ to assimilate. It’s the town’s fault. Fer shure.

Man, how I love those purple LED lights in the wisteria. I wish I could leave them up all year without being that person. Photos just really don’t do them justice. They are magical.

Purple and orange Halloween light display at Farmhouse38.com


Halloween lights at Farmhouse38.com

Lots and lots of lanterns help set the mood.

I love lanterns with flickering candles. I am all about the battery-operated timer candles that turn themselves off and on; their lovely amber light is the perfect complement to the purple LEDs. We also swap out the bulbs in all our permanent light fixtures to orange/amber bulbs so that they coordinate, as well.

One of my favorite, favorite things to put out are our blinking eyeball lights in the hedge. They’re called Peep’n Peepers and you can now get them on Amazon.

Blinking googley eye hedge lights at Farmhouse38.com


Our hedge eyeballs in action:

Halloween wreath and decor at Farmhouse38.com

A few orange battery-operated lights illuminate a black wreath. Our orange front door really loves this time of year.

Halloween decorations at Farmhouse38.com

A tree branch, spray painted black and decked out in lights. And a couple of lurkers.

Clearly things are a little more exciting at night, but there’s plenty to see during the day, too:

Halloween front porch at Farmhouse38.com

Love those amazing scarab pillows from Ikea.

Front porch Halloween decor from Farmhouse38.com

That orange front door just begs for a black wreath, doesn’t it? This one is available seasonally from Grandin Road. The raven doormat is from World Market (also only available when Halloween swag first hits the shelves. So…June).

But yeah…the nighttime really is the righttime.

Halloween light display at Farmhouse38.comHope everyone has a fabulous Halloween!

Halloween Mantel Makeover

A Halloween fireplace mantel makeover from Farmhouse38.comLet me start by saying that our living room mantel situation is and always has been kind of the bane of my existence. I am a big fan of the fireplace. In fact, this is the first house that we’ve even had one in (and we had to put it in) and I was SO excited for that mantel to decorate! But you know what I am not a big fan of? The TV hung in prime position over said long-pined-for fireplace mantel. It really sucks the focal point joy out of the focal point, ya know? But, unfortunately, in our teeny little house, there is just no other place to put it. Trust me, I’ve tried. Oh, the brain cells I have lost thinking and rethinking the floorplan to get that darned TV off my fireplace. To no avail. So…BEHOLD: giant, glaring TV.

Now that I’ve brought your attention to it and it is all you see, let’s ignore it and look at the mantel, shall we?

A Halloween Mantel Makeover at Farmhouse38.com

The ‘Before’ mantel. Or let’s just go ahead and call this the ‘Usual’ mantel.

The ‘usual’ mantel decor tends towards a little bit of a mess; a rather haphazard collection of objects and books that I’ve really only stuck there temporarily. This is because we aren’t actually finished building our mantel ‘situation’. The intention is, and always has been that we will be building shelving all the way up to the roof on both sides of the fireplace. But we just haven’t gotten around to it. For six years. It’s on our list for this fall…but until then, let’s Halloween it up in here a bit, shall we?

A Halloween fireplace mantel makeover at Farmhouse38.com

Ah yes. Much bettah.

First and foremost, I needed to get those bookshelves handled. I’d been wanting to swap out my odd assortment of coffee table books for a display of my antique and reproduction book collection. It just so happens that the jacket covers on these books play towards a much more somber color story. Perfect for Halloween.

Vintage book collection at Farmhouse38.com

I love vintage books (and vintagey-looking books), and they are rather inherently haunted-mansiony, don’t you think?

And then, of course, I had to have some miniature bunting…

Simple, miniature halloween fireplace mantel bunting at Farmhouse38.com

Bunting is always essential. This is just black and white grosgrain ribbon bits hot-glued to white, cloth-covered wire.

And an odd assortment of bottles, lanterns, candlesticks, and mercury glass.

A Halloween-styled mantel at Farmhouse38.com

Halloweeny odds and ends.

My “fresh picked” sign above the TV is now replaced with a handmade “Nevermore” sign, with a few accent wall spiders (plastic spiders just stuck on with earthquake putty).

DIY Halloween Nevermore chalkboard sign by Farmhouse38.com

This sign was a snap to make: a reclaimed piece of MDF board coated in spray chalkboard paint. Then, using the Farmhouse38 Sign Painting method, I transferred the lettering and then colored them in with white grease pencil for a permanent ‘chalk’ look.

A tree branch spray-painted black is a perfect perch for craft store crows. I love how the clock face kind of winds up looking like a full moon. I meant to do that. Yeah, totally.

Halloween Mantel Decor at Farmhouse38.com.


Underneath the tree branch is one of my favorite little things: my terrarium that I like to mess with every season. Time for a tiny Halloween scene!

A Halloween terrarium featuring tiny skeletons, a tiny graveyard, and tiny tillandsias at Farmhouse38.com.

Tiny skeletons emerge from a tiny graveyard amongst tiny tillandsias.

The rest of the room has gotten Halloweened, also.

I swapped out some of our more colorful throw pillows for darker tones:

Throw pillows and misc. Halloween decor at Farmhouse38.com

The lefthand pillows are from Pottery Barn and the green stripe is from Ikea. I don’t remember where I got the cute, framed Trick-or-Treat embroidery, but it is one of my favorite things. Another craft store crow sits on top of the mirror.

Chalkboard black-painted pumpkins with black glittered stems at Farmhouse38.com

A simple coffee table centerpiece of tiny punkins painted matte black with black-glittered stems.

A Halloweeny collection of thrifted brass candlesticks with glittered black candles at Farmhouse38.com

My odd assortment of thrifted brass candlesticks look very fun with black, glittered taper candles.

A Halloween floral centerpiece of black silk flowers in a silver urn at Farmhouse38.com

An all-black floral centerpiece sits in the middle of our table. And hey…what’s dropping out of the light fixture?

Faux spiders dropping down from a light fixture for Halloween at Farmhouse38.com

Spiders. Spiders are dropping out of the light fixture.

Faux spiders hanging out in a light fixture for Halloween at Farmhouse38.com

Oh. Oh there’s more spiders.

Halloween spider surprise on the inside of a light fixture at Farmhouse38.com

Surprise!!! There’s a lot more spiders. (cheap plastic spiders rings–with ‘ring’ removed–hot-glued to small magnets and stuck to the metal fixture).

Gosh darnit, I love me some Halloween.

A Halloween fireplace mantel makeover at Farmhouse38.com





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