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All Dolled Up for the Fourth

Fourth of July Decor at Farmhouse38I really, really love fourth of July decorating.  This house kind of seems to beg for it, in my opinion.

Fourth of July Decorations at Farmhouse38

Patriotic Garden Plantings from Farmhouse38

Fourth of July Garden from Farmhouse38

I love a little patriotic garden….this one includes red zinnias, blue scabiosa, dark blue petunias, white shasta daisies, purple alyssum, bright green creeping Jenny, and of course red fountain grass (which my mother always warns me will take over but I never listen).

Patriotic Bunting at Farmhouse38

I just can’t not put up some traditional bunting. Someday I might get around to making my own, but so far these basic store-bought deals have done the trick just fine.

American Flag Bunting from Farmhouse38

I did, however, make the American Flag bunting hanging from the pergola and front gate….store-bought craft flags, removed from their stems, and then stapled (with your average, everyday desk stapler) to jute rope (with a little dab of hot glue on each staple to hold it in place).

DIY American Flag Bunting from Farmhouse38

I do love me a good no-sew, DIY bunting project. Oh, yes.

Fourth of July Decor at Farmhouse38

Usually, I swap out my rocker pillows for some theme-y patriotic versions–but I kind of dug how the orange and white chevron played nicely (in my opinion) with the Fourth of July stuff….it’s a little quirky–I’ll take it!

Fourth of July Decor at Farmhouse38

A bouquet of flags anchored in vases of bottle caps. That’s a lot of bottle caps….a lot of work went into the acquisition of those bottle caps.

Fourth of July Decor at Farmhouse38

Again, I kind of went off-topic with my colors in this little front door vignette, but that’s probably what you gotta do when you have an orange front door.

Patriotic Cupcake Liner Wreath from Farmhouse38

My festive cupcake liner wreath….see the DIY here.

4th of July Decorations at Farmhouse38

All dressed up and ready for the festivities.

Happy Fourth of July, people!

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